Still Singing

I soon became very aware of the intense happiness on this island. I noticed it when I first was in the grocery store and all the locals were merrily pushing their trolleys and singing to the tune played by the store. When I entered the ladies’ room there were some employees in  there, (doing their business,of course) who were also belting out the tunes. They all smiled and said “Hello”.  Well, we have now been here a little over 2 years and I just came home from the store and yep,people here are still singing along and I have to say that I was also singing along with them. Happiness from others can finally catch up with you if you are surrounded by happy people.

Bless the people of the Cayman Islands!


Ground Yourself Like Never Before

Just  yesterday as my husband and I were lying on the floor finishing up a yoga session he said to me  “This is really the place to reach down into the earth and get grounded.” Cayman sits atop a gigantic mountain and its trench is the deepest part of the Caribbean, exactly 25,216 feet down. As I thought about this it all made sense!

Letting Go

If you have already read Losing Ground  you will see that I had gone through a pretty rough journey. I was still holding on to some negative emotions and vibes from this.  Just the other day I met with one of my best friends who has recently gone through and ‘Enlightenment’. Her secret was that she had learned to let go of some of her past haunts and ‘Live for the Moment.’ I had gone to see someone here on the island who is a lightworker and is helping me also release my past haunts. I am already feeling a lighter feeling and maybe soon , I will be on my way to total ‘Enlightenment.’

Enjoy the Journey!

Island Time