Inter signs-Abe Lincoln and JF Kennedy

An inter-sign is a mysterious link that exists between two apparently  totally independent facts This is commonly referred to as coincidence. Except an inter-sign emphasizes the fact that  is link is full of significance



It is interesting to note the inter-sings that link Lincoln and Kennedy as follows below:

Lincoln elected to Congress in 1846                               Kennedy in1946

Lincoln elected President  in1860                                   Kennedy in 1960

Each man’s wife lost a child while in the white house

Lincoln’s secretary was called Kennedy and Kennedy’s was called Lincoln

Both presidents were killed by a bullet to the head,both shot by a man from the south

Lincoln’s murderer was born in 1839                              Kennedy’s murderer was born in 1939

Each successor was a man named Johnson

Lincoln’s successor was born in 1808                               Kennedy’s successor was born  1908

Each murder was killed appearing before the court

One week before Lincoln was killed he was in Monroe,Maryland                Kennedy was in the company of Marilyn Monroe

When we pay attentions to inter-signs we learn to read history differently!


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