Mysterious Token

                                                                   I have always been aware of signs and how we need to look deeper into their meanings for clues.
                                                                   Just yesterday I had decided to add a story about the Thunderbird and how it is important to Native American Culture to the end of my latest novel, Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn.
                                                                   In this fiction thriller a young boy wears a magic Thunderbird talisman for protection.
                                                                   Today as I was cleaning out some drawers, as we are in the process of moving I opened one up and there staring right at me was a  Thunderbird token my mom had that was attached to one of                                her suitcases. Well, I was not surprised by this sign as I had several in the past. This clearly told me that Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn will  be a hit and will be going places,(hence the attachment to the suitcase)  Some signs are harder for us to decode but this one was as clear as day!          And Below is Mom’s Token      If you wish to get a sneak peak of Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, please visit my site at