Mysterious Token

                                                                   I have always been aware of signs and how we need to look deeper into their meanings for clues.
                                                                   Just yesterday I had decided to add a story about the Thunderbird and how it is important to Native American Culture to the end of my latest novel, Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn.
                                                                   In this fiction thriller a young boy wears a magic Thunderbird talisman for protection.
                                                                   Today as I was cleaning out some drawers, as we are in the process of moving I opened one up and there staring right at me was a  Thunderbird token my mom had that was attached to one of                                her suitcases. Well, I was not surprised by this sign as I had several in the past. This clearly told me that Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn will  be a hit and will be going places,(hence the attachment to the suitcase)  Some signs are harder for us to decode but this one was as clear as day!          And Below is Mom’s Token      If you wish to get a sneak peak of Mysteries of the Red Coyote Inn, please visit my site at           


Inter signs-Abe Lincoln and JF Kennedy

An inter-sign is a mysterious link that exists between two apparently  totally independent facts This is commonly referred to as coincidence. Except an inter-sign emphasizes the fact that  is link is full of significance



It is interesting to note the inter-sings that link Lincoln and Kennedy as follows below:

Lincoln elected to Congress in 1846                               Kennedy in1946

Lincoln elected President  in1860                                   Kennedy in 1960

Each man’s wife lost a child while in the white house

Lincoln’s secretary was called Kennedy and Kennedy’s was called Lincoln

Both presidents were killed by a bullet to the head,both shot by a man from the south

Lincoln’s murderer was born in 1839                              Kennedy’s murderer was born in 1939

Each successor was a man named Johnson

Lincoln’s successor was born in 1808                               Kennedy’s successor was born  1908

Each murder was killed appearing before the court

One week before Lincoln was killed he was in Monroe,Maryland                Kennedy was in the company of Marilyn Monroe

When we pay attentions to inter-signs we learn to read history differently!

Where Mystery Lives

The Isle of Eigg 


This little island just a few miles off Scotland  produces its own music! As you run your hands through the sand at the Bay of Laig you may hear high-pitched notes, like the sounds of some otherworldly string section warming up. The sand grains are pure quartz,highly rounded and of fairly equal size. In dry conditions, they can rub against each other in a way that produces instrument-like vibrations,resulting in the beach’s mysterious song.

Still Singing

I soon became very aware of the intense happiness on this island. I noticed it when I first was in the grocery store and all the locals were merrily pushing their trolleys and singing to the tune played by the store. When I entered the ladies’ room there were some employees in  there, (doing their business,of course) who were also belting out the tunes. They all smiled and said “Hello”.  Well, we have now been here a little over 2 years and I just came home from the store and yep,people here are still singing along and I have to say that I was also singing along with them. Happiness from others can finally catch up with you if you are surrounded by happy people.

Bless the people of the Cayman Islands!

Ground Yourself Like Never Before

Just  yesterday as my husband and I were lying on the floor finishing up a yoga session he said to me  “This is really the place to reach down into the earth and get grounded.” Cayman sits atop a gigantic mountain and its trench is the deepest part of the Caribbean, exactly 25,216 feet down. As I thought about this it all made sense!

Letting Go

If you have already read Losing Ground  you will see that I had gone through a pretty rough journey. I was still holding on to some negative emotions and vibes from this.  Just the other day I met with one of my best friends who has recently gone through and ‘Enlightenment’. Her secret was that she had learned to let go of some of her past haunts and ‘Live for the Moment.’ I had gone to see someone here on the island who is a lightworker and is helping me also release my past haunts. I am already feeling a lighter feeling and maybe soon , I will be on my way to total ‘Enlightenment.’

Enjoy the Journey!

Island Time

Home is Where the Heart IS

Moving around a lot has always been an adventure but at the same time is hard to leave friends ,loved ones and memories behind. I have always pined for my previous home when we have moved. It has taken some time over the years for me to realize that home is  where you make it and is a place that is deep within your heart wherever you are.


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