Angels Calling

I’ll never forget the promise my mother made to me right before she passed. She told me that she would find a way to contact me. It was probably 15 minutes after she passed my cell phone rang with a mysterious caller. She had kept her promise. To find out who this was read Losing Ground.



The Spirits are not Willing!

We could not believe the claw marks on our large glass French doors when we returned home that evening. We knew the dog saw someone  in the house that did not belong there and she was desperate to get in. She always wants out and we knew this was strange! Both of us knew a spirit had been there. And I knew who to call-my intuitive and gifted medium-Mica Monet. I had hoped she would tell me it was my mother or father but only to learn it was a negative energy that refused to leave. Mica had sent a protection to the house  and asked Arc Angel Michael to chase it away. She then sealed our home with the protective white light. It all came together when she told us who it was and how it got there. It all made sense.

To find out who or what this was read Losing Ground.


Listening to your close friends

Ever really listen to what your closest and dearest friends are telling you? Well, within some of those conversations you have are hidden messages that come through from your Angels and it is up to you to find some suggestions that may help you. Pray for clarity of mind and the ability to receive messages intended for you. And also, remember to tell your friends how much they are valued. You didn’t choose your friends, they were all assigned to you .


Bulbs of Light

In my novel I mention that I had frequently seen the floating blue lights at times of need.

Those lights were blue and different shapes but always glowing.

Just the other night I was listening to a medium on BlogTalkRadio and I saw a small green bulb .

Okay, I knew the blue lights were my Angels, but still trying to decode the meaning of the green one.

I am sure I will come to find out.


Whispers in your ear

Ever hear whispers in your ear?

Ever feel like someone or something is blowing in them?

I’ll never forget when I heard my first echo of ” The Treasure is right here.”

I knew right away who it was and late came to find out what it meant!


Always remember to give is your chance to balance out that Karmic Debt!!!

Enjoy the Journey.

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